Legal notes and privacy

Legal notes and privacy

Legal notes and privacy

Spheriens, according to Chapter III of Regulation 2016/679/EU (hereinafter “GDPR”), informs you that the data provided will be processed within the terms described below.
This information can be changed at any time. Please check the date of last revision at the end of the page.
Any change to the present document will be effective starting from the date of publication on this website.

1. Data controller and data protection officer

The data controller is Spheriens, with registered offices in Florence, Piazza Libertà 13, Italy.
The data protection officer is Giampietro Malusà, domiciled for the function at the same law firm, whose contact details are reported in the following point 12.

2. Type of data collected

Spheriens collects, through this site and generally in his own activity, personal information such as names, email addresses, companies, job roles and telephone numbers of different categories of subjects such as clients, suppliers, public administration employees, job applicants, etc. As a law firm, Spheriens can also collect judicial data either from the data subject or from other sources.
Spheriens could also collect and process other personal data; in such a case, specific information will be provided before the processing takes place.

3. Purpose of the processing

Your personal data will be processed in order to respond to your requests or to provide our professional services as well as in regular correspondence and to inform you about our activities.

4. Storage 

All personal data collected by Spheriens will be stored for the time necessary to carry out the professional task with which you have entrusted us. This will include the time necessary for accounting and administrative purposes. Subsequently, your data will either be deleted automatically or made permanently anonymous, save for the storage period required by Italian law.
An exception will be ordinary contact data, which will be stored for longer periods for future professional relationships. Another exception could occur in the exercise of defense rights by the right-owner or the interested person, as well as in the handling of requests/orders from public authorities that may extend the above-mentioned storage periods.

5. Processing

Your personal data will be processed, both on paper and digitally, in respect of your privacy rights and the security measures set forth by the GDPR as well as any other relevant regulations.

6. Nature of rights

The personal data requested is generally compulsory in order to allow Spheriens to carry out its professional tasks. Your rights are reserved as per Article 11 below.

7. Web browsing data and cookies

The software running this website acquires personal data, the transmission of which is necessary in the use of Internet communication protocols.

This information is not collected in order to be connected to any identifiable subject. However, through further elaboration and association with third party data, the identification of some users could take place, e.g. IP addresses or domain names of the computers that access the website, URI addresses of requested resources, the hour when the request was made, the method used to place the request to the server, the size of the file obtained as a reply to the request, the code number corresponding to the answer obtained from the server, and other parameters concerning the OS and IT systems of the user.

This data will be used only to obtain anonymous statistics concerning the use of the website and to monitor its correct functioning and will be deleted immediately after its use. This data could be used in the frame of investigations in case of possible cybercrimes against the website. Otherwise, all collected data will be stored for no more than 7 days.

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to collect information necessary to offer our users a better browsing experience. The relevant cookie policy can be found here The goal of this policy is to provide a clear understanding of the use made of cookies and how, if necessary, to disable them.

8. Legal basis of the processing

The processing by Spheriens of your data for the goals mentioned in Article 3 is lawful as it is necessary to carry out professional tasks or other activities concerning your relationship with Spheriens.
Personal data could also be collected in order to fulfill obligations set forth by national or EU laws or regulations, as well as to respond to requests from public authorities. In these cases, the authorization by the interested party is not necessary.
In any other case, we will process your personal data only upon your approval.

9. Places of processing

The processing of your personal data will take place mainly at Spheriens’ offices and, also through the website, at the location of the servers of the third-party information technology companies whose services and software are used by Spheriens.
In some cases, the data could be transferred abroad, either because of the professional activity requested or because third-party information technology companies whose services and software are used by Spheriens have their offices abroad, within or outside the EU (e.g. in the case of cloud-based services or email services where the servers are mainly based in the EU or in the USA). In such cases the transfer of the data abroad will be compliant with the relevant laws and contractual provisions safeguarding the interested party’s rights.

10. Recipient of the data

The processing of the data pertaining to the website as well as the processing of data concerning clients, suppliers, subjects registered to our mailing lists and, generally speaking, every subject with whom we have a business relationship is carried out at Spheriens’ offices located at:
• Florence, Piazza della Libertà 13 (CAP 50129)
• Rome, Largo di Torre Argentina, 11 (CAP 00186)
• Milan, Via Vincenzo Monti, 11 (CAP 20123)
The data is handled only by partners, associates, employees or collaborators of the firm that have been designated as responsible for the processing.
The data may be communicated to third parties entrusted with specific tasks such as: subjects (companies and professionals) entrusted with providing advice on legal or contractual matters, accounting and administration services, postal services, information technology consultants or software suppliers (the latter only as needed to ensure the functioning of computer programs and processes). With the exception of such cases, personal data processed by Spheriens will not be communicated to other third parties, unless communication is required by law or is strictly necessary to fulfill contractual obligations.

11. Your rights

If provided by the relevant legislation, the interested party has the right to:
• Access his/her data and be informed on its origin, the goals of the processing, the subject responsible for the processing and the subjects to whom the data may be disclosed;
• Revoke authorization at any time, in the event the authorization is the basis of the processing;
• Update or amend his/her personal data for accuracy;
• Request the deletion of his/her personal data from the processor’s archives in the event the data is no longer necessary for the relevant purposes;
• Limit the processing of his/her personal data in specific circumstances, such as when the correctness of the data has been challenged, for the time necessary for the processor to carry out all appropriate checks;
• Obtain his/her personal data in digital format;
• Object to the processing of his/her personal data or request that it be discontinued for each of the purposes under point 3 above. Further to this request, the subject responsible for the processing should no longer process this personal data, unless specific provisions provide otherwise;
• Enforce his/her rights by contacting the data controller by email at the address below;
• Lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

12. To enforce your rights

To exercise your rights or make a request concerning the processing of your personal data, please contact our data protection officer: Giampietro Malusà, c/o Spheriens, piazza della Libertà, 13 – 50129 – Firenze (FI), tel. 055263381, fax 0552633800, Website:, email address:

Florence, September 4, 2018