All areas of intellectual property

At Spheriens we provide legal assistance in all areas of intellectual property law as well as in all fields relevant to the protection of intangible assets, with a particular focus on fashion and luxury goods.


Trademarks and distinctive signs

Our extensive experience in trademarks and distinctive signs has led us to manage and coordinate some of the most groundbreaking legal cases of recent years, both in Italy and internationally. In these areas we offer a full range of services from extrajudicial assistance to litigation at every level of the Italian courts and the courts of the European Union. In both national and EU courts we have obtained innovative decisions, especially regarding marks that enjoy a reputation, shape marks, conflicts between trademarks and rights on personal names, and the protection of famous names linked with the arts and entertainment.


With the understanding that effective protection of IP rights necessarily encompasses the sphere of Internet, we have consolidated our expertise in this sector. We assist clients in recovering domain names and protecting intangible assets on all digital platforms worldwide, from auction and e-commerce sites to social media and digital content platforms.


Another area of focus in our practice is the protection of product shapes and packaging, and we have considerable experience in the field of designs.

Patents and know-how

In addition to safeguarding the identity, aesthetic innovation and creativity of companies, we are dedicated to the protection of technological innovation. We have a strong background in patent and know-how disputes, including cross-border litigation, in a variety of scientific and technological fields, such as mechanical, chemical, electronic and biotechnological innovations.

Administrative procedures, geographical indications

We offer strategic advice on filing and management of trademark, design portfolios and represent companies in administrative proceedings, including oppositions in Italy and the European Union.

We furthermore have expertise in geographical indications and new plant varieties.


Anticounterfeiting and criminal enforcement

We are on the frontlines of the fight against counterfeiting and personally manage every aspect of anticounterfeiting programs, including close collaboration with law enforcement and customs authorities, coordination of technical experts and investigators, the drafting of briefs in the preliminary investigative stages and joining criminal proceedings as aggrieved party. We also coordinate international anticounterfeiting activities on behalf of multinational corporations. Bringing to bear our experience in the other areas of intellectual property law, we have attained landmark decisions also in criminal proceedings.

Competition, Advertising and Communication

By supporting our clients in the day-to-day challenges of global competition, we have developed a sharp sense for market dynamics and extensive knowledge in the field of unfair competition law. We assist our clients with a wide variety of problems including the protection of unregistered trademarks, commercial disparagement, false or misleading advertising, parasitic acts, enticement away of employees and industrial espionage.

We assist our clients with any and all problems related to business communication and advertising, as well as antitrust matters regarding intellectual property rights.


Our extensive experience in copyright law allows us to protect creativity in every form and expression, including in the fields of fashion, design, music and art.


We assist our clients in the strategic planning, drafting and negotiation of business contracts, many of which have transnational application. These include agreements for licensing, distribution and selective distribution, research and development, transfer of intangible assets, sponsorship and merchandising.

Privacy and data-protection

We offer specialized guidance to meet the needs generated by the ever-increasing importance of privacy law and data protection.

Our clients

Among our clients, we are proud to represent leading companies in the fields of fashion and luxury goods, sportswear, food and beverages, consumer products, furniture, design, entertainment and information technology. Other clients are leaders in the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, mechanical and automotive industries. Additionally we represent important foundations and associations operating in the arts and entertainment, publishing houses, wine makers and consortiums for the protection of regional products as well as national and foreign sports teams.